DATA Lesson 6: Two-way Tables


Group 1 & 2:

·         Conduct a survey
Design and conduct your own survey which needs a two-way table to show the results. Present your findings and conclusion in a report.

Some suggestions are:

·         Gender (male or female) and left or right handed

·         The year or class someone is in and whether they play sport on the weekend

·         Gender and favourite season of the year (spring, summer, autumn or winter)

·         Teacher or students and whether they prefer bananas or apples (They must select either a banana or an apple.)

·         Age in years and favourite type of movie (from a set list such as comedy, cartoon, drama, science fiction)

Group 3

Side-by-side column graphs

You can display data from two-way tables in a side-by-side column graph.

The table and graph below compare the numbers of boys and girls choosing particular sports.

Sport Boys Girls
Cricket 9 4
Tennis 3 3
Cycling 1 3
Athletics 2 5



Watch this video: Turning 2 way tables into comparison graphs-!/media/1477653/
Then conduct survey and create 2 way table AND comparison column graph OR tally results of 20 double coin tosses (so results could be HH, TT or HT)- create a 2 way table and comparison column graph by using their own results compared to a partner’s results.

Homework Week 3 – Due Monday 8th May


Again, it is your free choice this week.


Length and perimeter

Reading Log:

Don’t forget to fill this out each night.

100 word challenge:

Please try to set yourself a goal, and write it at the start.

The 100wc site is back up, so please aim to do this part of your homework early in the week so you can post it on the 100wc site as well as your blog.

Homework Week 2 – Due Monday 1st May


Your free choice this week.


Length and perimeter

Reading Log:

Don’t forget to fill this out each night.

100 word challenge:

Please try to set yourself a goal, and write it at the start.

The site is still down for their holidays, so choose one of these for this week.

Should lead to some interesting pieces- enjoy!

(copy the picture you chose onto your blog entry)






  1. Your history reflection. Create a ‘3 recalls/2 questions/1 insight’ reflection for this video about Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee form Vietnam. This NEEDS to be completed by WEDNESDAY for our history lesson:  


2. 100 word challenge– this weeks prompt is: Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera. Include these 5 words in your piece. Perhaps try to include some of the techniques we have been learning about in writing lessons.

3. Create a letter for your buddy. It should introduce you and let your buddy get to know a little bit about you. You should also ask them some questions. remember to think about your audience-what words will they understand? What things will interest them? How can you publish/illustrate/decorate it so that it helps them understand and appeals to them?This letter will form the basis for your first meeting with your buddy. It is due on the first day of term  two.



Homework piece 1 – due by Thursday 23rd March

This week there is a BTN article for you to watch and respond to.  The article is about the federation of Australia and will give you information you neeed for our history lesson on Thursday.!/media/1961881/federation-explained

Homework piece 2 – due by Saturday 25th March

100 word challenge – don’t forget, you must edit and revise your work, and ask someone to read it before posting.  You should post on your blog and the 100wc site.

Homework piece 3 – due by Saturday 25th March

Hotmaths tasks – individual tasks set.

History Lesson #3


Learning Goal: I can use an analogy to understand the experience of migrants to colonial Australia.

APK: Turn and talk with a partner; discussing the game you played for homework.

New Information:

What is an ANALOGY?
Using a comparison of something familiar to help you understand aspects of something unfamiliar (brainstorm some examples like riding a bike).

Look at thinking skills document that is in your books and go through the steps of an analogy.

Step 1: define the migrant experience.
Step 2: pick a topic to use that is familiar to most of us and has many important similarities (eg: moving house, moving school).

Application: Read through these primary and secondary resources and take notes looking especially for ways that the experience was like moving home or school..




Step 3: Identify the different ways that the migrant experience is like moving home/school- make these headings on your table.

Use the table to describe the ways in which the migrant experience was like moving house or school

Goal reflection:

Step 4: For people migrating to Australia it would have been like…  use the information from their table to write a paragraph in their books.


Homework piece 1 – due by Thursday 16th March

This week there is no need to write a BTN response this week. Instead you get to play a game!

Click on the picture to open up the game- playing it will give you an idea of some of the different sorts of struggles and joys of different groups of people who lived at the goldfields in the 1850s. Try to play it more than once and using two or more characters so you get a picture of the different possibilities that may have awaited these groups.

Please make sure you play before Thursday (so tonight or tomorrow night) so you can share what you learned in our lesson on Thursday.

Homework piece 2 – due by Monday 20th March

100 word challenge – please note that the prompt will close on 18th March so if you wish to post on 100 WC site it must be done by then.  Regardless of whether you post on the 100 WC site, your response must be posted on your school blog so I can check it on Monday.

Homework piece 3 – due by Monday 20th March

Hotmaths tasks – individual tasks set.