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Homework Due Monday 27th November

  1. Reading Log – at least 5 times for week
  2. Literacy Circles homework – read and prepare for group discussion (Check the expectations for your role)
  3. Poetry Sharing – check the roster
  4. HotMaths task assigned
  5. Grade 6’s – Valedictorian Speech to be emailed to Libby by THIS WEDNESDAY 22nd NOVEMBER
  6. Watch the following video and respond in the usual way for a BTN reflection 3 Facts, 2 Questions and 1 Wondering. Don’t forget to colour code your responses.                                                               BTN Story on Coding School


Apologies to those dedicated students who have been carefully watching this space to see what homework they are expected to do.

Literacy Circles MUST be ready for sharing on Wednesday 8th November.

Next Monday, 13th November, I will be checking

  1. 2 weeks worth of reading log entries, signed by your parent or guardian (so 10 entries in all over the 2 week period)
  2. HotMATHS (1 session only)
  3. Poetry Sharing (check when you are on the roster)
  4. 100 Word Challenge (you only need to have done one by next Monday, although bonus points if you do 2)
  5. Grade 6’s should be working on their Valedictorian Speech, due Wednesday 22nd November.

Homework – Week 3

Please ensure you complete all tasks set. Work will be checked on Monday 30th October.

  1.  Reading – 5 times for the week. Please make sure this is recorded in your homework book and signed by a parent or guardian.
  2. 100 word challenge. Set yourself a personal goal this week in your writing. Can you incorporate some “show not tell” or some personification. Try to make this a showcase piece!
  3. HotMATHS tasks
  4. Literacy circle work. If you have been absent, please ensure you check in with your group to see how far you should read this week and what role you have been allocated.
  5. Poetry reading – make sure you don’t leave choosing your poem and rehearsing reading aloud until the last minute. Check the timetable for when you are rostered on!

Poetry Sharing

As part of our work on Poetry this term, all students will be sharing a poem aloud with our class.

You are able to choose either a poem you have written, or one you have enjoyed or connected to in some way.

It is expected that you will practise this poem before you present, and that you will choose a poem of an appropriate length. If you are uncertain if your poem is suitable, please check with Libby BEFORE the day you have been allocated.

We are planning to share the poems in our library sessions on Thursdays, however this may need to be adjusted some weeks.

Week 3:  26/10   Abe   Ebony   Charli   Thomas   Dorsa
Week 4:  2/11   Tiia   Ty   Martin   Tiana   Zedekai
Week 5:  9/11   Carah   Bridget   Aaliyah   Roy
Week 6:  16/11   Lucy   Juliet   Aryaveer   Evan
Week 7:  23/11   Tash   Declan   Fin   Flynn
Week 8:  30/11  Grace   Stavros   George   Asantha

Homework Week 8

Apologies for the delay in posing details on the blog, however, all information is the same as on the homework board in class.

  1. 100 word challenge
  2. Reading 5x per week (signed and dated please)
  3. Grade 5’s – school captain speech (presenting on Thursday)
  4. Literacy circle homework (please ensure you have read the appropriate chapters and written out the homework for your role this week – We will discuss on Monday.
  5. Classmasters (Due Friday 8/9)

Class Masters 2017 – Updated 5/9/17

Homework – Week 7

Homework for this week…

  1. 100 word challenge (Due Monday 4th September)
  2. Literacy circle work (if not completed in class time)
  3. Reading (minimum 5 times for the week – and signed by parent) – Due Monday 4/9
  4. Grade 5’s – School Captain speeches (Due Thursday – 7/9/17)
  5. Classmasters debates and speeches (Thursday and Friday this week (31/8 and 1/9)

Writing Competition

Writing Competition


Write4Fun are running a writing competition!

You write a poem or short story and are in the running for great prizes for you and for our school.

Entries close at the end of this month-31st of August

The link for the details and to enter the competition is here:


the rules for the competition can be found here

Make sure if you enter that do enter that you also copy the piece of writing onto your blog to share it with your learning community.

I’m happy for you to send me drafts to get feedback before you publush.

Good luck & have fun!