Homework Week 3

Due on Monday 6th August

This term we will be working on our Class Masters presentations (see this link). Each week you should work a little on your speeches. Make sure you are in contact with your debate partners so that your debate shows teamwork and your arguments follow on from each other. In the week your speech is due, your Class Masters homework is your highest priority. If you are finding it difficult to complete your tasks, make sure you come and see me as early as you can and we’ll modify your homework as needed.

You will also need to work on your 2 roles for literature circles. This link will take you to the literature Circle role descriptions if you can not find your paper.

This week you need to do:

  1. Your Class Masters debate & prepared speech
  2. Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  3. Literature Circles reading and preparation
  4. Hotmaths-division
  5. 100 Word Challenge (try to set yourself a writing goal at the start)

Latest prompt

Special prompt #2 (18)This is a magic door. You have to decide where it is, who put it there, what it leads to & what happens when you walk through it!

Remember to plan your homework week early, and come and chat to me if you’re having any issues.

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