Homework – Week 9

You have until Wednesday 20th June to complete this week’s homework – and this week is the last week of homework for the term.

This week you need to complete:

  1. Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  2. Maths- Log onto Hotmaths- some of you have an allocated multiplication task. If not, continue with your multiplication facts practice.
  3. BTN : Don’t Panic: 26/11/2013, Behind the News
  4. 100 Word Challenge                                                                                                 Here is this week’s prompt- 
    This week we are looking at the third person for the prompt. As always, please make sure you use the prompt as it is written with no changes or additions. It is:…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

5. Comment on at least 2 other blogs- remember to be relevant, constructive and appropriate.

Remember to plan your homework week early, and come and chat to me if you’re having any issues.


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