Australian Citizenship – Topic Lesson 1

Image result for australian citizenGoal:

I understand what it means to be an Australian Citizen



What does the word CITIZEN mean?

Look up in the dictionary as a class.

What does the ‘average’ Australian citizen look like?

Describe/draw them using their traits – What they look like, Wear, Do etc T&T (5 mins)

Share a few ideas.

Compare to Video



What does it mean to be an ‘Australian citizen?’

read as a class-discuss & take notes notes & discuss notes & discuss

What values do we share?

What are the rights and responsibilities of an Australian citizen?  – click on “Click here to view the rights and responsibilities of Australian Citizenship”

What are issues that will concern Australian citizens?/  What are actions of responsible and engaged Australian citizens? -discuss and, at the bottom, choose an issue that you and your partner will represent. Fill in that pamphlet thinking about that issue. You may even want to choose a point of view that you don’t feel is your personal opinion


Goal Reflection:

What do I hope to do in my life to be an active Australian citizen?

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