Homework Week 7

The homework this week is due on Monday 19th March

  1. Reading Log (5 times for the week, filled in your reading log and signed by a parent or guardian)
  2. 100 word challenge (this will be done during class time on Wednesday for those who are not at district swimming). Please remember our lesson on narrowing the focus of your topic – make sure you slow down the moment and add description.
  3. HotMaths – this will be a little different this week. You have been set a Level 4 task scorcher. This will enable you to practise your multiples to 10. The aim is to go through slowly at first, making sure you record (in your homework book) any problems you can’t answer promptly. Then go through again, trying to improve your own score. You are expected to go through this a few times with the aim of getting your personal best.
  4. BTN – following the usual expectations.  Choose from the list provided. Think about articles that might help you in researching for your infographic project.
    Constitution: 11/02/2014, Behind the NewsGovernor-General: 04/02/2014, Behind the News

    Voting Age: 10/11/2015, Behind the News

    Australia Day: 05/12/2006, Behind the News.

    Moving Australia Day 09/02/2016 Behind the News

    Preferential Voting 03/09/2013 Behind the News

    Asking the People 25/08/2015 Behind the News

    Federation 18/03/2014 Behind the News

    Indigenous Parliament 10/06/2014 Behind the News

    State Laws 29/10/2013  Behind the News

    High Court 13/09/2011 Behind the News

    The Speaker’s Job: 11/08/2015, Behind the News

    Voting Changes 01/03/2016 Behind the News

    New Senate: 22/07/2014, Behind the News

    The Senate 17/09/2013 Behind the News

    Budget Taxes 20/05/2014 Behind the News

    New PM 13/10/2015 Behind the News

    Reconciliation Week: 26/05/2015, Behind the News

    Young Leaders: 01/04/2014, Behind the News

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