Poetry Sharing

As part of our work on Poetry this term, all students will be sharing a poem aloud with our class.

You are able to choose either a poem you have written, or one you have enjoyed or connected to in some way.

It is expected that you will practise this poem before you present, and that you will choose a poem of an appropriate length. If you are uncertain if your poem is suitable, please check with Libby BEFORE the day you have been allocated.

We are planning to share the poems in our library sessions on Thursdays, however this may need to be adjusted some weeks.

Week 3:  26/10   Abe   Ebony   Charli   Thomas   Dorsa
Week 4:  2/11   Tiia   Ty   Martin   Tiana   Zedekai
Week 5:  9/11   Carah   Bridget   Aaliyah   Roy
Week 6:  16/11   Lucy   Juliet   Aryaveer   Evan
Week 7:  23/11   Tash   Declan   Fin   Flynn
Week 8:  30/11  Grace   Stavros   George   Asantha

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