Homework Week 9

Due Monday 10th December

  • Reflect on the Slam Poetry BTN http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4807056.htm
  • Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  • Hotmaths-Shape transformations
  • 100 Word Challenge – Try a POEM this week if you can! Set yourself a writing goal at the start-use your personal goals from our conferences or something we are learning in class. See if you can add an audacity file of you reading this.
  • Comment on at least 2 other blogs- remember to be relevant, constructive and appropriate.  
  • Practise your poem

Move-up Session 2

To post a response to a 100 word challenge prompt, visit the site here:

100 word challenge  (you may as well bookmark it!)

  • Scroll down to the Latest Prompt
  • Scroll down further to “continue reading’ Link and click on it
  • Open your own blog and log in
  • Choose “+New Post” from the menu at the top of the page
  • Name it 100wc and the date and the number of the prompt
  • Copy the prompt picture or words from  the 100 word challenge into your blog entry- “This week’s prompt is:”
  • Set yourself a goal at the top (e.g: “This week I am hoping to use more adjectives/ try figurative language/narrate my dialogue/ use third person perspective/ try non-fiction writing….)
  • Respond to the prompt using between 95-105 words if possible
  • Experiment with style and genre- use it as an opportunity to practise something new.
  • Focus on paragraph structure,  sentence structure, and word choice.
  • Always go back and check spelling and punctuation.
  • Show to a parent – Parents should to see it makes sense and share with you what they like about your piece  (they can add a comment to show they  have done so)
  • Publish on your blog
  • Copy the blog post page (e.g http://alexia2016.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/11/14/100wc-bricks-gorilla-yellow-running-pretty/)
  • Go back to the 100 word challenge latest post page- scroll down to where it says: ” Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Login at https://100wc.net/wp-login.php or sign up at https://100wc.net/signup-2015/.” Click on the first link to login- use our 5-6 login: libbysclass with the password libbysclass
  • Scroll down and enter your details. where it asks for the blog post link paste in the link you copied earlier

An extra option is to use Audacity to record your completed post and add this mp3 file to your post. Try to do this at least once a month.

Homework Week 8

Due Monday 3rd December

This week we are back to a standard homework week:

  • Those applying for Green team or House captain- applications are due this Wednesday
  • Reflect on the space video:Humans in Space: 31/03/2015, Behind the News
  • Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  • 100 Word Challenge – Set yourself a writing goal at the start
  • Comment on at least 2 other blogs- remember to be relevant, constructive and appropriate.

Homework Week 7

Selection Criteria for House Captains

This year, applicants for house captains will need to put in a written submission to apply for the position. This will be handed in to teachers, and the information will be presented in a speech (3 minutes maximum) to the 2019 Year 5/6 cohort. Students will vote by secret ballot, however the final decision will be made by the teachers.

Criteria we are looking at include:

  1. Organisation
  2. Communication (being able to listen and share information)
  3. Kindness
  4. Problem solving
  5. Passion for how sport is run at our school

Green Team Captains

A similar format will be required of students wishing to become Green Team captains. The criteria to base your application on is as follows:.

  1. Commitment to helping MPPS be more Green
  2. Ability to lead a team of students from year one to five in a small group.
  3. Skills for representing the green team – ie speaking at assembly

This will be due 28th November.

Move-up Session 1

Getting to know you






Post a comment down below with 5 things about you…..we have to guess who you are….don’t make it too easy or too hard….

  • Make sure you AREN’T logged on (normally when you comment you should ALWAYS log on- your comments will be deleted by the teacher otherwise)
  • Fill in the name with a name that won’t give away who you are (e.g. ‘someone123’)
  • Put in an email address-either one you own or ‘someone @something.com’
  • DON’T put in a website
  • Write a comment that says 5 things about you that are real.
  • Fill in the antispam word
  • Submit comment
  • Now login (if you don’t remember your login, you may ask Libby to login for you
  • Keep refreshing your page and the comments will start appearing- as they do, write a list and see if you can guess who each person is. You can post your guess as a reply to the comment if you like

Homework Week 5

Due – Monday 12th November 2018

As this week is a short week, I will only be expecting your reading logs to be done.

If, however, you are one of the people who did not complete all homework tasks last week (HotMaths task, 100wc, 3-2-1 Science reflection and reading log) you are expected to complete these this week!

Thank you to those who got organised, set aside the time and made the effort to completed the tasks set.  I encourage you to look at the blogs of your classmates and post some comments. There has been some fantastic writing produced recently – be inspired.

Comparing Mathematical Chance Predictions to Outcome Data


I can predict chance events and compare my predictions to the outcomes


Using the cards provided, create  a class numberline, students take a card and think up a chance event that their number represents (e.g- if they chose 75% they might say, the chance I will have a snack as soon as I get home). Students could also come up with a chance word to go with their number- e.g ‘probable’. Add any new vocab to vocab poster.


Click on the following link:   dinner spinner 

What are the mathematical chances you’d be happy with dinner in this given spinner?

Make one that would suit your family or your table – what are the chances you’d be happy (extremely satisfied) now?

Use maths to predict what the outcome would be if you spun it 100 times. (say how many times you think each possibility would occur – then turn that into a fraction to show the probability – can you express it as percentage?)

Spin it 100 times and check if turns out as you thought it would.


Did the results turn out as the maths predicted? Why do you think this is?